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Artist Residencies

With its central location at PROGR, a center for cultural production and studios for artists of all fields in the heart of Bern, the Stadtgalerie offers ideal conditions for a sustainable cultural exchange.

Artist in residence musicians playing at Stadtgalerie
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In collaboration with the studio house Salzamt in Linz and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia the Stadtgalerie organizes “Artist in Residence” programs. Artists and curators of various cultural backgrounds are invited to live and work at PROGR for a period of time.

The programs offer basic funding and infrastructure to facilitate production and presentation, but equally give residents an opportunity to take a step back from their practice to seek opportunities for exchange. The Stadtgalerie supports the residents with advice, provides contacts and assists with the organization of presentations of their work.

Cultural exchange Linz – Bern

Each year the Stadtgalerie invites an artist from Linz to come to Bern for a residency of 2 months. The selection is made by the city of Linz.

The studio house Salzamt invites an artist from Bern to come to Linz for a residency of 2 months. The grant is advertised publicly by the city of Bern. The selection is made by the city art committee. The Stadtgalerie does not accept applications.

Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz 

Previous Residents

Kramer / Hipfl (AT), Sereina Steinemann (CH)

Katharina Anna Loidl (AT), Miriam Sturzenegger (CH)

Rainer Noebauer-Kammerer (AT), Livio Baumgartner (CH)

Gregor Graf (AT), Alain Jenzer (CH)

Residency – Program Pro Helvetia

Candidates are selected on the basis of recommendations by Pro Helvetia.The Stadtgalerie does not accept applications. For application details please refer to the homepage of Pro Helvetia.

Pro Helvetia
Schweizer Kulturstiftung

Previous Residents

Mandla Mlangeni, South Africa / Shaunak Sen, India / Ehsan Ul Haq, Pakistan / Coco Zhao, China

Navin Thomas, India / Wang Wenwei, China / Situ Jiawei, China / Gabisile Motuba & Tumi Mogorosi, South Africa

2014: Li Xianochuan, China

2013: Ahmed Nagy, Egypt / Ahmad El Sawy, Egypt / Srinivasa Prasad, India / Shilpa Gupta, India / Kareem al Qurity, Egypt / Sameh al Tawil, Egypt

2012: Kemang Wa Lehulere, South Africa / Kyle Shepherd, South Africa / Nicolas Grospierre, Poland

2011: Bharathesh G.C., India / Tomas Rafa, Slowakia / Paribartana Mohanty, Indien / Meera Menezes, India

2010: Lerato Shadi, South Africa

Before 2010:
Tomas Zmeskal, Czech Republic / Vytautas Michelkevicius & Lina Michelkevice, Lithuania / Ahmed Kamel, Egypt / Rael Artel, Estonia / Marge Monko, Estonia / Baptist Coelho, India / Maia Gusberti, Switzerland / Ronny Hardliz, Switzerland / Mahmoud Hanafy, Egypt / Rody Gorman, Ireland / Nayla Dabaji & Ziad Bitar, Lebanon / Joanna Rajkowska, Poland / Rosa Mesa & Thomas P. Proffe, Canada / Eva Jiricka, Czech Republic / Donny O’Rourke, Scotland / Romin Sadighi & Sepideh Samii, Iran / Abhishek Hazra, India / Athi-Patra Ruga, South Africa / Thomas Glatz, Germany / Les Frères Chapuisat, Switzerland / Jiri Thyn, Czech Republic / Svatopluk Mikyta, Slowakia / Hadel Nazmy, Egypt / Zbynek Baladran, Czech Republic / Mohammed El Sawwah, Egypt / Jakub Hosek, Czech Republic / W. Apollinaire & V. Mwilambwe, Kinshasa / Annette Schröter, Germany / Peet Pienaar, South Africa / Mahmoud Refat, Egypt / Effi & Amir, Israel / Fatoumata Diabate, Mali / Dida Zende, Germany

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