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On this Website, you will find the important information about the Coronavirus and the situation in Bern in English.

You will find the information in German on the Corona-Website of the City of Bern. 

«Walk-In»-Vaccination for everybody

1st Vaccination date: Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of December 2021, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
2. Vaccination date: Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of January 2022, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

  • No prior notice required.
  • Registration: is going to be handled by specialists on site.
  • Foreign languages: if possible, translators are going to be on site.
  • Vaccine used: a) mRNA-Vaccination or b) vector-vaccination by Johnson& Johnson for those not able to return for a 2nd appointment.
  • Booster-vaccination: possible from 65 years and up, and if the last vaccination date was more than 6 months prior.
  • Sans-papiers: Vaccination possible with companion who vouches for one’s identity.
  • Café & Croissant: for free for those getting a vaccination
  • Bring with you if possible: Identifi cation and health insurance card

For further questions call 031 991 70 55, Mo–Fr 9 a.m.–6 p.m.

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COVID-19 Vaccination

 COVID-19 Vaccination (Sans-Papiers)


Protect yourself!

If I have questions about the Coronavirus. What should I do?

Federal office of Health:

If I have Cough, Fever or feel sick in general. What should I do?

Availability of the City Administration

The City Administration is still here for you. Contact the Administration through e-Mail or telephone.

Two important Contacts for You:

Work and Financial Support

Your Job has been affected by the Corona crisis?

  • Your employer can apply for short time work (Kurzarbeit). Find out more information from your Employer.
  • The UNIA Union provides Information for Workers in English.

 You have lost your Job? Are you unemployed?

Are you in Financial difficulties?

  • Contact the Social Service of the city of Bern: Tel. +41 31 321 60 27

Do you have your own company/SME (Small to mid-size Enterprise) and have been affected by Corona?

Entering and Leaving Switzerland

You can find the latest information on the website of the Federal Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA).

Do you have questions concerning your residence or settlement permit? Contact the Einwohnerdienste, Migration und Fremdenpolizei EMF (Residential services, Migration and Foreign police) Tel. +41 31 321 53 00

 Are you a tourist in Switzerland and cannot return?

You can find information about your Visa on the website of the Einwohnerdienste, Migration und Fremdenpolizei EMF (Resident service, migration and Foreign police).

Consulting services

For everyday life with Corona

  • Newsletter-Archiv
  • ISA Migration Office: Offers free consults on Integration, Migration – also in connection with Corona: Tel. +41 31 310 12 72
  • The website provides tips for everyday life. The topics are Loneliness, Home Office, Family Conflicts, Addiction and more.

For Parents

  • The Mothers and father’s consultation will advise you with questions about children up to 5 years: Tel.+41 31 552 16 16 (Landline tarife)
  • The Social work from School advices children (and also parents) on questions about School.
  • The App Parentu offers information for parents of children up to 16 years. The tips are also available in English. Android and iPhone (Free)
  • Parental emergency Call: 24h help and advice from parents and other caregivers: Tel. +41 848 35 45 55 (24hours, 365 days a year; Landline tarife)

For difficult Family Situations  

In cases of domestic violence

In a psychological emergency

  • The Helping Hand Bern – If you want to talk to someone: Tel. 143 (24hours, 365 days, anonymous, free)
  • Psychiatric emergency: Crisis Intervention Center Tel. +41 31 632 88 11 (365 days, available during office hours, Landline tarife)

For undocumented migrants (Sans Papiers)



Help in the Neighborhood

Do you need support?

Do you need someone to go grocery shopping for you or to bring something to the post office? You can find support offers on the Corona-Website of the city of Bern

Would you like to support someone?

As a volunteer, you can help other people. You will find Information on the Corona-Website of the City of Bern.

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