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Legal issues

  • Marriage
    • German-language leaflet on marriage in Switzerland: Rights and obligations.
    • Forced marriage: It is for you to decide if, who and when you marry.
  • Bringing members of the family to Switzerland: Do you already live in this country, and are you now interested in bringing members of your family (your children, husband/wife, parents) to Switzerland? If yes, providing you with comprehensive and correct information is of the utmost importance and one of the basics in the integration process of your family members. Attending an information event organised and done by the City of Bern will provide you with this information and with the opportunity to ask questions related to the whole topic. If, on attending the information event, you need an interpreter providing you with the information in your mother tongue or if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact to the Department focused on issues of Migration and Racism «Fachstelle für Migrations- und Rassismusfragen» (email: or phone: +41 31 321 72 00).

  • Violence against women
    • Stop domestic violence (emergency card): You’ll find the addresses of various advice centres on this emergency card. You can also order the emergency card in paper form (

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