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Campaign 2019

«Aare You Safe?» this summer

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Swimming in the Aare is clearly very popular in Bern and all around Switzerland. However it's not only the swimmers who enjoy our river but also more and more  people on rubber dinghies and other small boats floating down the Aare. This is the reason why this year's «Aare You Safe?» campaign focuses on the so-called «Aareböötle» -  the floating on the river Aare.

The campaign initialized by the City of Bern is being supported by several important partners: the Bern Cantonal Police, the Swiss Lifesaving Society (SLRG), the Swiss Competence and Coordination Centre for Accident Prevention BFU and Bern Welcome as well as our partner cities and communities Thun, Münsingen, Muri-Gümligen

New «Aare Map»

The new map is available as a download on this website under «Aaremap».

Campaign-Poster 2019

Campain Poster 2017
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The poster for the Aare swimming safety campaign 2019 is centering the Aareböötle.

«Aare You Safe?» Gadgets available

«Aare You Safe?»-branded lifejackets and dry bags for an easy handling of your personal belongings whilst floating down the Aare are available. More information under Products.

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Campaign «Aare You Safe?» 

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