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A new edition of swim bags and other exciting gadgets is available as of June 4, 2019.

«Aare You Safe?» life jacket

Rettungsweste "Aare You Safe?"
Image caption:

This year’s campaign focuses on safety aspects while boating on the river Aare. It is highly recommended to always wear a safety jacket and this summer a specially designed «Aare You Safe?» safety jacket can be purchased for CHF 80.00. Please contact to place your order.

«Aare You Safe?» backpack

New swim bag
Image caption:

Enjoy your swim in the Aare without worrying about your personal belongings. The practical «Aare-backpack» keeps everything dry during your floating trip down the river and it is available in two stylish new colours. You can either purchase the backpack in the public baths or you can place your order via

...and for small valuables:

small swim bag for personal items
Image caption:

If you only need to take your personal belongings such as smartphone, wallet or other small items with you, this one will do the trick for you!

This small swim bag version (size 22x40 cm) is easy to order through for CHF 9.90. 

Stay safe and play

Image caption:

You can practice your next boating trip on the river Aare while staying completely dry with the fun «Aare You Safe?» handy game for iPhone and Android. You can download it for free and even win amazing prizes.

Campaign-Wallpaper 2019

Campaign Poster 2019
Image caption:

The poster for the Aare swimming safety campaign 2019 is available. More information Blackyard GmbH

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