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Dos and Don’ts

Tricky or even dangerous situations occur time and again because people fail to follow important rules of conduct in, on, and by the water. So many of these accidents or near-misses could be prevented – without spoiling anyone’s fun – simply by getting swimmers, dinghy users, and bathers to observe these rules.

Rules of the River and Bathing Rules

The Rules of the River and Bathing Rules have been circulated by the Swiss Lifeguard Association (SLRG) for years – and they’re as topical and as valid as ever. And yet, tragic fatalities still occur from time to time. The drowning statistics published by the SLRG say it all. That’s why prevention work in this area is so crucial. All these risks are to be minimised by highlighting the proper rules of conduct in, on, and by the water.

Rules of conduct for non-native bathers

In response to the unsettling number of accidents that occur on the water and involve foreign nationals, the SLRG is intensifying its prevention work in this particular area. This is where the co-operation between the City of Bern and the SLRG comes into play. Since 2016 so-called ‘lido supporters’ have been out and about in some municipal swimming pools and lidos. Their job is to bridge language barriers and draw the attention to their fellow countrymen and women to local customs and safely-related behaviour in, on, and by the water. A special flyer in several languages has been compiled to this end in close co-operation with the SLRG and made available at transit centres throughout the Bern region. These Rules of the River and Bathing Rules in several languages are also available on the SLRG website.

Rules of conduct – rubber dinghies

In summer, a relaxed trip down the river on a rubber dinghy from Thun to Bern is all part of the fun and one of the most popular leisure activities in the Canton of Bern. And even if, most of the time, it all looks very cosy, there are certain spots along the Aare River where rules of conduct must be observed. The Rules of the River published by the SLRG have all the information. There is also lots of important advice for dinghy users to observe to make sure there are no nasty surprises when drifting down the Aare River.

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