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You will find what you seek in the City of Bern’s libraries: books, audio books, films, newspapers and periodicals, information in nonfiction books intended for a general readership and more specialised publications, or public Internet access.

Kornhaus Libraries

Access to a varied, constantly up-dated selection of books, journals, audio-visual media, sound carriers and games. There are nine branches in the districts. Information is available from: (German)

Kornhausbibliothek Hauptstelle
Kornhausplatz 18
3011 Bern
+41 31 327 10 10

During the summer: reading and games pavilions on the Münsterplattform and in the Rose Garden.

Bern University Library

Universitätsbibliothek Bern
Basisbibliothek Unitobler
Länggassstrasse 49a
3000 Bern 9
+41 31 631 47 01 
Basisbibliothek Unitobler 

Universitätsbiliothek Bern
Teilbibliothek Münstergasse
Münstergasse 61-63
3011 Bern
+41 31 631 92 11
Münstergasse library

Swiss National Library

Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek 
Hallwylstrasse 15
3003 Bern
+41 58 462 89 35

Further information on libraries and archives available from:

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