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Childminders (Tageseltern)

«Childminders» can look after your child or children in a family atmosphere.

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«Childminders» provide childcare for children between the ages of three months and fourteen years on a smaller scale than day care centres. Childcare hours are arranged on an individual basis, but children are in childcare for a minimum of 28 hours per month. Services offered by «Childminders» vary; some can accommodate specific desires, such as weekend or evening care or occasional overnights.

Tageseltern Bern

The organisation Tageseltern Bern informs and advises parents, «Childminders» and professionals. They also search for new «Childminders». Tageseltern Bern places children in suitable childcare and enters into childcare contracts with parents and «Childminders». The contracts establish the times during which care is provided and the financial details. The fees that parents pay for childcare are based on parental income. Childminder costs are subsidised on the same terms and conditions that apply for «Day Care Centres» for school-age or younger children («Tagis» and «Kitas», respectively). Information about the application process can be found on childcare vouchers.
Tageseltern Bern supports both parents and childminders and assists them in connection with their concerns or interests.

Further information: see the Contact section.

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Childminders Phone +41 31 311 77 16