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Day Care Centres for Young Children (Kitas)

«Day Care Centres for Young Children», so-called «Kitas», provide full- or partial-day care for children from the age of three months until they finish pre-school.

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Most «Kitas» in the City of Bern are open 11½ hours a day, from Monday to Friday, during the holidays, except on Christmas and New Year. Please ask for the exact opening  hours and possible closures during holidays directly at your «Kita» of choice.

Qualified professionals supervise the children in a protected environment in which the children’s individual and social skills  are encouraged. A structured day and a balanced diet contribute to the children's development.

A gentle settling-in phase, during which children become accustomed to the «Kita's» daily routine, and the intensive exchange between parents and childcare professionals help children feel good in the «Day Care Centre» and foster positive development.

How much does a day care place in a Kita cost?

The share of day care costs that parents bear is based on their financial situation, family size and the period of care agreed. Childcare Vouchers are issued in the City of Bern. All municipal and most of the privately run day care centres accept these vouchers.

Our voucher calculator (in German language) will give you an idea of how much a place in a Kita will cost and approximately how much support you can expect to receive.

How can you find a day care place for your child?

There are a variety of privately run and municipal «Day Care Centres» in the City of Bern. If you are looking for a place in a «Day Care Centre» or if you need information about a particular «Kita», please contact the organisation or institution that operates the «Kita» directly. To find addresses of all «Kitas» in the City of Bern and contact details of their operating organisations, please see the both links above.

Please make arrangements for a childcare place in the «Kita» of your choice early on. Some of the organisations that operate «Kitas» have waiting lists for day care places.

Where are the Kitas?

This map of the city shows the locations of all «Day Care Centres» in the City of Bern.

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Day Care Centres for Young Children (Kitas) Phone +41 31 321 51 15