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Bern Apps

When you are out and about in the city of Bern, various apps for your smartphone offer useful hints and tips for your stay in the city.

«Aare you safe?» App

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The awareness raising campaign «Aare You Safe?» draws attention to the dangers of swimming in the Aare with the game App «It’s not a Game».

Android App «Aare You Safe?» 
iPhone App «Aare You Safe?»

Bärn isch eso App

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The «Bärn isch eso» App (German) is an entertaining digital guide to the city from the Burgergemeinde (Civic Community) of Bern. Massimo Rocchi leads the tour to various sites within the city. Surprising and unexpected perspectives guaranteed. The app is free.

Bern Welcome App

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The Bern Welcome App offers useful information about the federal city and the regions around Bern, an event calendar, inspiration for restaurants and museums as well as an interactive city map. Guests staying overnight can even activate the «Bern Ticket» in the app which lets them travel for free in zones 100/101 of the LIBERO fare network.

iPhone App «Bern Welcome»
Android App «Bern Welcome»

Entsorgung Bern App

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The App «Entsorgung Bern» (German) provides a range of information including waste collection dates and your nearest collection point or waste disposal site. It also has a waste collection reminder function.

Android App «Entsorgung Bern» 
iPhone App «Entsorgung Bern»

Kornhaus Bibliotheken App

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With the free «Kornhaus Bibliotheken» App (German) you can browse the libraries catalogue, manage your account or renew and reserve media. 

Android App «Kornhaus Bibliotheken» 
iPhone App «Kornhaus Bibliotheken»

öV Plus App

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The timetable for mobiles provides information in real-time (German). 

Android App «öV Plus» 
iPhone App «öV Plus»

Police Bern

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The cantonal police’s «Police Bern» App gives you information about wanted persons, job opportunities with the police, crime prevention, and storm and flood warnings (German and French).

Android App «Police Bern» 
iPhone App «Police Bern»

Swiss Squares App

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Image caption:

The «Swiss Squares» App from the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) takes you on a trip to the most important squares in Switzerland’s major cities. Views from yesterday, today and tomorrow tell the story of how the public squares have evolved and are still changing.

iPhone App «Swiss Squares»

Bern Old Town Guide

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The app shows all protected buildings, churches, fountains, bridges, streets and squares of the old town of Bern by text and image. The texts (most of them from Wikipedia) describe the cultural and historical specificities, the historical context and current events.

Android App «Bern Old Town Guide»

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