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Since it was founded 800 years ago the city of Bern has developed into an important service centre.

Erlacherhof, seat of the City Government

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Bern is the seat of the City, Cantonal and Federal Parliaments, Governments and Public Administrations and thus plays a central role in the political life of Switzerland. It has also developed into a major tourist attraction thanks to the picturesque old town, a «UNESCO world heritage site».

Milestones in Bern’s history:

  • 1191 Founded by the dukes of Zähringen
  • 1353 Joins the original «Swiss Confederacy»
  • 1848 Selected as capital of Switzerland
  • In the 20th century the city developed into a modern service centre, the seat of international organisations and companies
  • In the early 21st century several major constructions by renowned architects were built («Paul Klee Centre», «Brünnen-Westside»)

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