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Shopping and Markets

There is a wide range of shopping opportunities in large shopping centres and smaller shops in Bern. The «Old Town Arcades», or «Lauben», are a popular place, especially when they can provide shelter from the rain. There are also bustling markets held each week in Bern’s city squares.

Shop Opening Hours

Bern’s shops are open six days a week. Generally, the following opening times apply:

Monday to Friday 09.00–19.00 (some until 20.00)
Thursday (late-night opening) 09.00–21.00
Saturday  08.00–17.00
Sunday  Closed all day, except shops at the main station

Shopping in Berne


Bern is also the city of markets. The many regular weekly markets and the big market events, such as the annual Graniummärit (geranium market) and the Zibelemärit (onion market), draw visitors from near and far.

Weekly Market

On the Waisenhausplatz, every Tuesday and Saturday

Fruit, Vegetable, Meat and Flower Market

On the Bärenplatz, the Bundesplatz and the neighbouring lanes and the Münstergasse every Tuesday and Saturday morning. On the Bärenplatz, daily between April and October and in December.

Crafts Market

On the Münsterplattform, usually the first Saturday of every month from March to December. During Advent additional dates.

Flea Market

On the Mühleplatz in the Matte, the third Saturday of every month, May to October.

Geranium Market (Granium-Märit)

On the Bundesplatz, end of April.

Market of Wild Plants

On the Federal Square, late April

Pro Specie Rara - Market of Ornamental Plants

Elfenau, mid-May

Bern Christmas Markets

On the Waisenhausplatz, daily during Advent
On the Münsterplatz, daily during Advent

Zibelemärit (Onion Market)

The fourth Monday in November

For further information:ärkte (German) (German) 
www.bernergraniummä (German)

Banks and Post Offices - Opening Hours

Change at the Railway Station 

Monday to Friday 07.00–19.30             
Saturday 08.00–19.00
Sunday  09.00–19.00

Main Post Office «PostParc» (excluding holidays)

Bogenschützenstrasse 9B
3008 Bern

Monday to Friday  07.30–21.00   
Saturday 08.00–17.00
Sunday  16.00–21.00

For more information on other Post Offices and opening hours: 
Phone: 0848 888 888


You can find information about the opening hours of banks on the relevant websites on the Internet.

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