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All Day Schools

«All Day Schools» combine lessons with recreation. They create a stable space for interaction and exchange among pupils within and around the school.

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The extended-family-like atmosphere in «All Day Schools» makes it possible for them to do more than provide childcare outside of school hours: they can also replace a certain scope for freedom/autonomy that has been lost. Scope for freedom/autonomy that has been crowded out, by altered residential situations or increasing traffic.

The «All Day School» offers children from small families the opportunity to move about in larger groups and to learn to engage with other children, play with them and be considerate of their needs and wants in a community outside of school.

The «All Day Schools» ensure comprehensive day care for children from single-parent families and for children with two working parents. If necessary, children can be in the schoolhouse from 7.00 to 18.00. Their offerings include lunch, recreational activities and help with schoolwork. The childcare is provided by teachers and other caregivers.

Lunch-time care runs from when the school closes at midday until it opens again in the afternoon. Children registered for lunch-time care eat together in the school. Once the children have finished their meal and done their chores, they play under the supervision of their caregiver or do their schoolwork. Afternoon care runs from straight after the afternoon lessons until 18.00. After doing their homework, the children still have time for free play and a wide variety of recreational activities.

The City of Bern offers the «Ferieninsel» (in German) to bridge the gap in care during school holidays.

How to register

Every child who wants to attend the «All Day School» chooses, in consultation with his or her parents, the days of the week and the times that he or she will attend the «All Day School». Registration is always for the period of the entire school year. Fees are charged for the childcare and for the midday meal in the «All-day School». Parents’ income and assets determine what share of the costs they must pay (see the ordinance on all-day schools and the «Ferieninsel» (in German) and the fact sheet on tax return data protection (PDF, 132.7 KB) (in German).

The City of Bern makes it less expensive for parents to avail themselves of childcare services in day care centres – Kitas (childcare vouchers) for children not yet in school and Tagis for school-age children – in «All Day Schools» or by childminders. For childcare starting from August 2017, parents now have the option of applying online for this financial support via Ki-Tax.


Ordinance on «All Day Schools» and «Ferieninsel» (in German)

PEP, unit specialising in the prevention of eating disorders in practice (in German): PEP – eating together

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All Day Schools Phone +41 31 321 64 60