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Day Care Centres for School Children (Tagis)

«Day Care Centres for School Children» («Tagis»), provide full- and partial-day care for school children until they leave the school system.

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The «Day Care Centres for School Children» are open 11½ hours a day, Monday through Friday, 50 weeks a year. You will find the exact hours on the websites of the individual day care centres.

Advantages for your child

Spending time together on a daily basis with one fixed caregiver in a stable childcare group helps children and adolescents to build close ties and trust. Shared recreational activities, like summer camps, excursions, games and sports, provide scope for creativity, fun and exercise. The qualified caregivers make sure to provide a stimulating learning environment, help children with homework and teach them learning strategies. They attach considerable importance to good cooperation and to consulting with parents and the school.

How much does a day care place in a Tagi cost?

The share of day care costs borne by parents is based on their financial situation, the size of the family and the agreed period of care. You can use the rate calculator (in German language) get an idea of what costs you should expect.

How can you find a place?

There are 14 municipal «Day Care Centres for School Children» in the City of Bern and one privately run centre; you will find them on our List of Tagis. Our search tool (in German language) will tell you which «Tagi» operates in the neighbourhood of your choice. If you are looking for a day care place or for information about a particular «Tagi», please contact one of the two Tagi operators directly:

City of Bern "Kitas & Tagis"

Once you have found a place, you can submit the application, which you will find below.

Further informations


Day Care Centres for School Children (Tagis) Phone +41 31 321 51 15

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