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Children and family

Are you looking for childcare options? What services are available in the City of Bern for children and families? On this page you will find out more information about these topics.

What are the different childcare options for my child?

There are various childcare options: Daycare centers (Kitas) for toddlers, full-day childcare and vacation care for school-age children, childcare through private families for children of all ages, and others. On the City of Bern's website (DE) you can find more information about childcare.

How do I find a daycare centre near me?

You can use the cantonal search tool to find a suitable daycare in your neighbourhood (DE, FR).


Where can I find a paediatrician?

  • You can find a doctor who speaks your language on the website.
  • Do need a translator when you go to a doctor's appointment? Cross-cultural interpreters can help. You can find more information about regional offices in the Canton of Bern on the Interpret website (DE, FR, IT).

Advice and support

Where can I find advice for parents and families?

  • You can learn more about counselling services for families on the Canton of Bern website (DE, FR).
  • The Canton of Bern's Mütter- und Väterberatung offers individual and group counselling as well as group courses for parents of young children between 0 and 5 years old (DE, FR).
  • The City of Bern's website has a list of counselling centres and resources related to partnership, families, education and what to do in an emergency (DE).

Sport and physical activity

Sports and physical activity are good for the health of children and adults alike. There are many sport offerings in the City of Bern. Many are low-cost or free. You can contact the Sportamt at 031 321 67 40 (DE).

More Information

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