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Schooling and Education

The City of Bern is responsible for kindergartens and primary schooling. Kindergarten and primary schooling is free of charge. The education authority is responsible for issues pertaining to kindergarten and primary school registrations, for information, advice and integration of children and young people with a different mother tongue or from different cultures, and for extra-curricular childcare measures such as day schools, holiday camp and homework tutoring. All schools run on a day-school basis.

Effingerstrasse 21
3008 Bern
+41 31 321 64 60 (German) 
documents for teachers

Information on the school of speech therapy and the remedial school in Bern is available from the education authority of the City of Bern.

Specialised departments work closely with schools.

The City and Canton of Bern offer advice on matters closely related to education: matters of parenting, schooling, health and social issues to do with school.

Erziehungsberatungsstelle des Kantons Bern
+41 31 633 41 41 (German, French)

Health Services (Schulärztlicher Dienst und Schulsozialarbeit)
+41 31 321 68 27 (German)

Psychomotor training for foreign-speaking people

Service for Parents with a Foreign Mother Tongue

The «Association for Parents with a Foreign Mother Tongue and Education» provides information about kindergartens, school and the choice of career. It also organises parents’ evenings on the subject of the Bernese school system.

Verein für fremdsprachige Eltern und Bildung
+41 31 331 50 63

«Muki German Courses»

The City of Bern Schools Office runs mother-and-child «MuKi» German courses for mothers and their three- to five-year-olds in some districts. The women can learn the basics of the German language and learn about living in Switzerland. The children can benefit from playing with others and take their first steps in German in a play environment.
Detailed information on Muki German courses

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Education and schools