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Education and schools

How does the Swiss school system work? What is the role of social work in schools? How can I find a suitable apprenticeship or degree programme? On this page you will find out more information about these topics.

Education system

Where do I register my child for school?

  • If you live in the City of Bern, you can register your child for kindergarten and public school (1st to 9th grade) at the Schulamt (DE).
  • The Canton of Bern has more information on this topic at

How are the schools in the City of Bern organised?

My child speaks little to no German. What are their options to learn the language?

My child speaks a language in addition to German. How can they improve this language?

  • Children and young people who speak languages in addition to German can attend «Lessons in native language and culture» (HSK). You can find more information on the cantonal website of the Amt für Kindergarten, Volksschule und Beratung (DE, FR).

I have more questions about school and education. Who can I contact?

  • You can find more information on the school system, childcare during the school year and vacations, German courses for parents and children and more on the Schulamt website (DE).
  • You can find more information about school and education from the Canton of Bern at
  • More information about social work in schools is available at the City of Bern's Schulamt website.

Secondary school / post-compulsory schooling

What educational opportunities does my child have in secondary school / after compulsory schooling?

  • After compulsory schooling, young people have various educational options. If your child is new to Switzerland and older than 14, they can, for example, attend a bridge programme to find an internship or apprenticeship. Bridge programmes are interim solutions for young people who have not found an apprenticeship after completing compulsory education.
  • Young people aged 14-17 can also attend a Regional Intensive Course PLUS (RIK+). These are affiliated with the compulsory school system. Further information can be found on the Amt für Kindergarten, Volksschule und Beratung (AKVB) website of the Canton of Bern (DE, FR).
  • For general information on bridge programmes, please visit the City of Bern website (DE) or the website of the Canton of Bern (DE, FR).
  • The Canton of Bern has more information on this topic at

If you still have questions on this topic, please contact a counselling centre such as the Fachstelle für Migrations- und Rassismusfragen of the City of Bern or isa Bern.

Universities, higher education and diploma accreditation

Where can I find information about higher education in Switzerland?

I am a recognised refugee in Switzerland. Can I study at a Swiss university?

The Perspectives – Studies website has information for refugees who wish to study in Switzerland.

What are scholarships and how can I apply for them?

Scholarships provide financial support for people who want to pursue an education. They are only granted to those who are studying at university for the first time. EU citizens can apply for a scholarship when they are Swiss residents; those from outside Switzerland and the EU can apply for a scholarship after five years of residence.

How do I get my diploma accredited in Switzerland?

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