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Are you a refugee in Switzerland? Do you need more information about working or bringing your family to Switzerland? On this page you will find information on these topics.

How do I find out more information about the asylum process?

Schweizerische Flüchtlingshilfe (SFH) provides information about the asylum process (DE, EN, FR).

Am I allowed to work in Switzerland?

  • The State Secretariat for Migration SEM answers frequently asked questions about employment and work permits (EN, DE, FR, IT).
  • The Canton of Bern has more information on this topic at
  • You can find out more information on asylum procedures, the job search, work permits, language courses and other topics on the Canton of Bern website (DE, FR). 

Which authority is responsible for me?

  • You can find all important contact points on the topics of entry and residence, work and asylum on the Canton of Bern website (DE, FR).
  • The City of Bern's Asylsozialdienst is responsible for advising and supporting asylum seekers in the city of Bern and surrounding areas (DE).

Who can advise and represent me in the asylum process?

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