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Health and healthcare

How does the Swiss healthcare system work? How do I sign up for health insurance? Where can I get financial support to pay for health insurance? Where can I find a doctor that speaks my language? On this page you will find out more information about these topics.

General information on health and the Swiss healthcare system

How does the Swiss healthcare system work?

The Swiss Red Cross explains the healthcare system in many languages. 

Where can I find the most important information on health and healthcare topics?

  • The Canton of Bern has more information on this topic at
  • Berner Gesundheit (DE, FR) provides information and advice on various topics like health promotion and prevention, addiction, sexual health and stress.  
  • Health information from the Swiss Red Cross can be found in many languages at

Health insurance and other insurances

How do I sign up for health insurance?

Where can I find a low-cost health insurance company?

You can compare the costs of different health insurance companies on the Swiss government's Priminfo website. (DE, FR, IT)

Do I need accident insurance?

If you have at least eight hours a week of paid work, your employer will organize accident insurance. If you do not have paid work, or work less than eight hours per week, you must take out accident insurance yourself. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has more information (EN, DE, FR, IT).

How do I get financial benefits for health insurance (a premium reduction)?

Medical assistance and emergencies

Where can I find a family doctor or paediatrician?

  • You can find a doctor who speaks your language at (EN, DE, FR, IT).
  • Do need a translator when you go to a doctor's appointment? Cross-cultural interpreters can help. You can find more information about regional offices in the Canton of Bern on the Interpret website (DE, FR, IT).

Where can I go in medical emergency?

The City of Bern's website has the most important emergency numbers.  

Health services in the city of Bern

What support services are available for seniors of retirement age?

People of retirement age can find more information on pensions, supplementary benefits, assistance, care credits and other support services on the website of the City of Bern's Kompetenzzentrum Alter (DE).

What medical services are offered at school?

All school children in the City of Bern receive regular medical check-ups. You can find more information on the Gesundheitsdienst website (PDF, 45.0 KB).

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