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Information sessions: New in Bern

Have you recently moved to Bern from abroad?

The Fachstelle für Migrations- und Rassismusfragen (FMR) invites you to two new information sessions.

Come find out about important offers and resources from the City of Bern. You can ask questions and state your concerns directly with representatives from different organizations. 

Informationen auf Deutsch

Інформація українською мовою

Info session: work and vocational training

Where can I find help in my job search? Who can help me with my application? What are my career options? What can I do if I am unemployed?

The following organizations will be present and can answer your questions:

  • Berufsberatungs- und Informationszentren BIZ: The Swiss education system and adult education; tips and tricks for the job market
  • BFF Kompetenz Bildung Bern: Vocational education and training for young people and adults 
  • Kompetenzzentrum Arbeit, Stadt Bern: Work integration through emloyment, coaching and education
  • TRiiO Beratungsstelle: Help with the application process
  • HEKS MosaiQ Bern: Guidance and support for qualified immigrants 
  • isa Bern: STEPS Programme; training programme for intercultural interpretation 
  • cfd Berufsmentoring: career networking programme for immigrant women 
  • Regionale Arbeitsvermittlung RAV: regional employment agency
  • UNIA labour union


Thursday, March 16, 2023
6.00 to 8.00 pm
BFF-Aula, Kapellenstrasse 1, 3011 Bern (Map)

Please register by March 9!

Info session: Health

Can I get financial assistance to pay for health insurance? What psychiatric and psychological services are available? Who will support me with questions about children's development? What options are there for older people?

The following organizations and services will be present and can answer your questions:

  • Swiss Red Cross
  • Berner Gesundheit
  • Office of Social Insurance, Canton of Bern: Compulsory health insurance and premium reduction
  • Gesundheitsdienst, City of Bern: School medical services; Primano programme for early intervention
  • Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste Bern: Support for children and adolescents and psychiatry in a transcultural context
  • Kompetenzzentrum Alter, City of Bern: Support and offers for seniors and retired persons
  • Mütter- Väterberatung, Canton of Bern: advice and resources for parents of young children


Thursday, March 30, 2023
6.00 to 8.00 pm
BFF-Aula, Kapellenstrasse 1, 3011 Bern (Map)

Please register by March 23!

Important information

Cost: Free of charge

Childcare: available on-site

Language: Basic German

Translation: English and Ukrainian *


* If you need a translation into another language, please inform us up to one week before the event.


These information sessions are supported by the Gesundheits- Sozial und Integrationsdirektion of the Canton of Bern as part of the Program S.


Flyer Neu in Bern 2023 EN (PDF, 714.1 KB)

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